KA-50 Hokum
Publisher Virgin Games
Developer Simis Limited
Released IBM PC (DOS) 1995
Genre Helo, Simulation, Strategy
Multiplayer Modem, Null-modem


A helicopter flight simulation over the south china seas.

Hokum is a unique and probably the least known flight sim from Simis, makers of Flight Sim Toolkit.

As commander of a mercenary group, a ship and a fleet of eight helicopters, it's your responsibility to patrol an area approximately 75,000 km square (lying at a longitude of 3 degrees North and a latitude of 160 degrees Fast, in case you were wondering), and suppress or (preferably) remove the pirate forces dominating the Indonesian-owned Anambus Islands.

In this game you are a commander of a Base Ship cruising around Indonesia to stop piracy and a pilot of four helicopter types available on it. These helicopters are Kamov Ka-50 Hokum (assault), Mil Mi-8 Hip (assault/transport), Westland Lynx (anti-ship assault/transport), and Bell AH-1 Cobra (assault).

You are planning the schedule of your missionsand complete them with appropriate helicopter. Planning of missions is based on your previous recce flights. Missions vary from intercept pirate boats, escort ship through pirate waters, and provide air support, to unload battalion of jungle commandos, rescue ejected pilot, and annihilate the village. During the mission player also may switch back to Base Ship to plan another mission.

Game is presented in MCGA resolution (320x240), but has also undocumented option to play in SVGA resolution (640x480). This option is invoked by running game executable with -v option (HOKUM.EXE -v).

The game graphics is very impressive for its era and the engine sounds is simply brilliant.

By the way game is bugged and no patches was ever released. One of them is a save-game bug, that makes it next to useless - no enemy helis or ships ever appear after restoring from a saved game.

The game is only working in DOS or DOS emulator, there is no other way to run game in Windows OSes.

Some sources mistakenly cite release date as 1992 and publisher as Domark, but there is no documented confirmation of it.

Pilotable CraftsEdit

  • Kamov Ka-50 Hokum
  • Mill Mi-8 Hip (In game designated as Kamov Hi-8 Hip)
  • Westland Army Lynx
  • Bell AH-1W Super Cobra


Original Design - Simis Ltd

IBM PC Compatible Code - John Wilkinson

Flight Model Data - Dave Payne

Bitrnap Graphics Arcane - Simon Hopwood

Island Design - Jo-Anne Wilkinson

3D Shapes Design - John Wilkinson

SFX - Steve Excel

Software Manager - Jon Norledge

Producer - Matthew Spall

Quality Control - Matthew Spall, John Martin, Tony Hinds, Kevin Turner, David Williams

Artwork & Design Co-ordinator - Matthew Walker

Manual Copy - John Doe

Manual Design, Layout & Production - Definition

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