Microsoft Flight Simulator X is the latest in the Microsoft Flight Simulator range. It is designed for Windows Vista but is also compatible with Windows XP. Flight Simulator X is the tenth version of the brand, released on October 17, 2006. and an SDK package for modifying the flight sim aircraft, missions and scenery as well as other parameters.

Features Edit

Flight Simulator X has a variety of features to make a more realistic. These include: navaids, GPS and airways. It has 18 aircraft, 28 detailed cities and 40 detailed airports. In total, it requires 14 Gb of hard drive space. The settings menu is vast and allows very precise control of nearly everything in the flight sim environment including weather detail, air land and sea traffic, controls and sensitivity, texture and autogen details, etc. This allows for FSX to be "tuned" to run on a wide variety of systems, but with varying degrees of success.

Other Versions Edit

Apart from the standard edition mentioned above, there is a deluxe edition. This has 24 aircraft, 45 detailed airports, 38 detailed cities and 50+ missions (as opposed to 30+) and an SDK package for modifying the flight sim aircraft, missions and scenery as well as other parameters (The SDK needs to be installed separately). There is also an expansion pack due to come out in fall 2007, called Flight Simulator X: Acceleration.

Third Party Add-ons Edit

There are many add ons available for FSX as well as previous versions of Microsoft Flight sim from FS9 on. Some are commercially produced but many are freeware created by flight sim enthusiasts using a wide variety of commercial and freeware utilities in addition to the FSX SDK. There are many websites devoted to freeware FSX add ons that allow free access to files via download.

Links Edit

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